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  1. Ooooo great reading of those where I almost didn't want to listen to the you ever get that? Where your ego's first reaction is "well that's wrong!" Hehehe it's so funny.

    Anyway this message is all about transformation and new beginnings yet a warning that I am holding into old patterns,old ways of being. Things that can hold me back and stop me from growing. Keeping things that feel familiar yet don't work or I've outgrown. Things that it's time to shed yet my ego is scared to get no wonder my ego is scared, these are all things that are linked to my sense of security, purpose and what I 'should' be doing....all domains of the ego.

    Great mantra for today, I love that the #sacredwildoracle always gives me a helpful action step, something productive to put into action. Today I must remember to "Release the ego. I am not this body, I am the divine spark within"

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